Using Leadership Assessments in Your Staff Development Strategy

Using Leadership Assessments in Your Staff Development Strategy

with Heather Burright

January 11 | 12:00-1:00 PM CT

The strength of the nonprofit sector is in the strength of its people! Consider staff development the crucial piece to your nonprofit’s growth and success this year and see how investing in your team propels your mission forward. Staff development comes in different sizes and forms. Every organization’s team will have different needs and sometimes it depends on the experience level of the staff or strategic plans for the organization. Using assessments is an effective way to identify the areas in that your team needs development.

Maybe you have some job-specific skills you need your staff to learn.

Maybe they need to develop their leadership or interpersonal skills.

Maybe your organization is moving its DEI efforts forward and staff will need to learn (and unlearn) some behaviors.

In this session, we will explore the three types of assessments you can offer your staff and what you can do to make the assessment process work as part of your staff development strategy.

  • three types of assessments
  • self-assessments vs. 360 assessments
  • the secret to making assessments effective
Heather Burright
Heather Burright

About the Presenter

Leveraging 15 years of professional experience, Heather Burright, founder and CEO of Skill Masters Market, specializes in creating dynamic, people-centric solutions that drive business goals. With her comes expertise in strategies for diversity, equity, and inclusion; instructional design; and change management. She’s dedicated to identifying core competencies that are needed to see real results and to creating the learning strategies and solutions needed to develop those competencies. Most recently, Heather managed a proprietary competency model for YMCA of the USA. She spent countless hours educating and influencing HR leaders across the country, deepening their knowledge of why and how to implement the model. Her success with the competency model was at a 94% adoption rate.

Prior to her work in nonprofit, Heather led the way in innovative training design in industries such as for-profit higher education and government agencies.

Heather earned an advanced degree from Jacksonville State University in Alabama. She resides in Chicago with her family.

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