Write a Better Email Appeal in 9 Simple Steps

Write a Better Email Appeal in 9 Simple Step

with Nathan Hill

Writing an effective fundraising email is not a simple or easy task. It takes a long time. Writers block can set in quickly – especially when you feel like you are writing the same thing as last month’s appeal. And unfortunately, you don’t actually know if your email will raise more funds until you hit the send button.

This free webinar is going to change that.

Drawing on learnings from a library of 3,300+ online fundraising experiments, Nathan Hill from NextAfter will show you nine tested and proven tactics to write a better email appeal. The next time you write an appeal, it will take you less time to complete it, you will have greater confidence in your email messaging, and your email will be based on principles that are tested and proven to increase donations.

You’ll learn proven tactics to:

  • Choose an email sender that will build trust
  • Craft a subject line that leads to more qualified opens
  • Articulate reasons to give that align with your donor’s motivation
  • Write a clear call-to-action that gets more donations (not just clicks)
  • And many other useful tips created by experts!
Nathan Hill webinar teacher of Write a Better Email Appeal in 9 Simple Steps
Nathan Hill webinar teacher of Write a Better Email Appeal in 9 Simple Steps

About the Presenter

Nathan Hill is the vice president of marketing for NextAfter – a research lab, digital-first agency, and training institute that helps nonprofits grow their digital fundraising. He has trained thousands of nonprofit marketers and fundraisers in proven online fundraising strategies including PBS, Save the Children, The Humane Society, and more.

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