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Four Steps to Write the Right Content on your Nonprofit Blog

Maintaining a nonprofit blog is no little task. It needs work and preparation if you truly want to provide the right content on your nonprofit blog.

Featured Nonprofit Marketing Plan

It’s Time for Nonprofits to Grow Their Earned Media Strategy

When it comes to earned media, it’s quality over quantity. That’s the takeaway message from M+R’s new MediaMarks study. According to them, the best strategy is to “develop tunnel vision” and narrow your focus to better the results you’re getting from media coverage. When you review your media hits, you should be able to say…

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A Step-By-Step Guide to Nonprofit Inbound Marketing

Relationships between donors and nonprofits take hard work. The concept of inbound marketing takes that knowledge and incorporates it into a real-life framework for nonprofits and businesses to use when engaging their audiences.

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Why Local Marketing Matters for Fundraising

Sure, there are important national programs like United Way or massive online listings of nonprofits that give credibility and visibility for fundraisers. But it often is the local marketing that comes from trusted, known recommendations that can garner the most benefit.

Featured Nonprofit Marketing Plan

Tax Forms, Annual Reports and Ways to Keep Your Status—Oh My!

Nobody likes taxes. In May, many nonprofits are coming up on the end of their fiscal year and that comes with filling out a lot of tax forms. We’ll simplify it as much as possible and try to keep you entertained along the way.

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Tools and Tips for Creating Engaging Content for Your Nonprofit

Content allows you to tell stories, keep your audience engaged and allows you to highlight your thought leadership in the space. Check out these tools to help you get started and create effective content.

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9 Steps to a Successful Fundraising Campaign

If you’re looking to seriously up your fundraising game, look no further. Check out Lori L. Jacobwith’s nine steps to a successful fundraising campaign.

Featured Fundraising Nonprofit Marketing Plan

Sports for Good—How Players are Making a Lasting Impact

Both NCAA basketball and the PGA tour are dedicated to making a difference by using their money, people and klout to make a lasting impact.

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The Top Data Obstacles and How to Overcome Them

We’re taking a look at the top responses that prevent organizations from utilizing data and provided solutions for overcoming them; because no matter the challenges it poses, data is worth the work.

Featured Nonprofit Marketing Plan

How to Write for the Web

If staring at a blank Word doc makes you feel anxious, you’re not alone. Creating web content, a blog post, an email, an e-book or a press release can be intimidating even for professionals.