Where to Find Grants for your Nonprofit Organization

Finding grants for your nonprofit organization is a lot like shopping for a pair of jeans. They come in all shapes and sizes, require some self-reflection and can be an incredibly time-consuming process. And maybe it’s not your favorite thing to do.

Plenty of resources exist to find that perfect grant for your organization that has the style, flexibility and price tag you need – or maybe that’s the jeans. But here are a few resources to get you on your way to finding the necessary funding for your organization. It may require some sifting and searching on your part, but this will surely save you from those pesky grant-writing blues.

Square one on your mission to finding grants for your nonprofit starts here.


Not only is Grants.gov a place to find grants, but it’s also a place to educate yourself on how grants work and what they’re all about.

If you find a federal grant that interests your organization, you’ll need to go through the following stages:

  1. Pre-Award Phase
    This is the phase where you’ll seek out new grants that are applicable to your organization and work toward submitting an application that matches the given criteria.
  2. Award Phase
    The award phase occurs when federal agency staff members make decisions to grant your organization the funds to continue with a project.
  3. Post Award
    While this seems like it should be the easiest phase of the grant process, it’s actually one of the most labor-intensive. The post-award phase involves implementing the grant that your organization has been awarded and actually documenting the progress of what your organization said they’d do. In order to succeed at the process, you’ll need to submit a report detailing both the financials and the program progress.

Make sure to fully utilize the educational aspects of Grants.gov. Search the site and sort by the newest or most relevant grants by sorting them into various categories.

Local foundations

The best place to start is a foundation that understands the work you’re doing. Search online for foundations in your area or try to meet funders through networking events in your community. If the marketing and storytelling you’ve been implementing in your community has been doing its job, foundations should already have some sort of understanding of how your organization operates. That helps give you a leg up in the funding world.

While this option seems to be the vaguest, it could have the most promise for your organization. People love to give locally because it helps stimulate their own economy and helps give back. So get out there, open your eyes and consider the possibilities happening in your own backyard.


This site could be suitable for your organization if it fits into one of the following (ample!) categories: universities, hospitals, government agencies, schools, community-based organizations, faith-based organizations, research institutions and some small businesses and individuals.

That’s a ton of opportunity for your organization. Plus, this site adds new grants and archives old grants daily, ensuring you’re getting the most out of your time. Keep in mind, this is a paid option, and there are other paid options out there to consider. Start slow and determine if the return could be worth it for your organization.

Now you have the browsing power to at least begin your search into the grant world. Check them all out, see which resources work best for your organization and apply to the grants that matter.

Originally published 5.24.17—Updated 5.3.18

  • Marcia White

    As a grant maker, it makes me sad to be referred to as “a necessary evil.” Most of us are actually quite nice people with a mission to help others, just like the nonprofits we fund. I completely agree with Matt’s recommendation that local funders are the best place to start. Don’t be afraid to contact a local funder to set up an information meeting so you can figure out which funders are the best fit for your organization. And don’t worry, most of us don’t bite!

    • Film Hope Foundation

      Yeah I don’t like that so much either.

    • Taryn K.

      I work for and my family directs a nonprofit in Kansas. We are technically a church that operates a second hand store; however, we don’t actually run a church – meaning we have no services just a bible study for employees and volunteers and we disciple and have a great ministry through our store with the local community. This has made it really difficult to find grants that really fit us. How would I go about finding local funders? Googling really doesn’t seem to get the information I need. Currently we are just looking for a way to get our parking lot fixed (little space and a lot of damage) but we are also wanting to expand in to a different city so we can reach more people.

  • Marty Jones

    I am looking for help finding grant money to purchase a single family home to start a nonprofit adult foster care business. My mom is 90 and wants to sell me hers before she dies so I can continue serving other elderly clients who need nursing home care but want to stay in the community. I sure would appreciate a point in the right direction, thank you!

    • Cruz Lopez

      Kindly contact agent Howard on his email, I sure he will be of help. “howardphillipscares@gmail.com”

  • Cruz Lopez

    This is to all Citizen living in the U.S aged 18 and above.Retired men and women living in the united states are also included. It’s a programme invented for helping the disable and raising the standard of living for them and all the citizens of the U.S. Dont know if you have heard about the new programe called the Federal Government Grants and projects ,its a give back money offer from the US Government in other to maintain the standard of living for 2017/2018. The procedures for earning the grant and funding is pretty easy.
    I got my grant of $110,000 for my project deposited inside my account and right now I’m on course to achieving my goals.
    First of all I obtained the “Project Proposal Application grant form which cost $500.
    After receiving the form via email,I filled and forwarded back the form and other accompanying documents submitted along with my dream project applications for funding from the federal government .

    If you also wanna apply you can contact the agent Mr Howard on his email.



  • Ariane Campos

    Hello, I’m a Brazilian student, and with great sacrifice I got to Harvard. There is a book that I really like and is very useful for my studies. But I do not have the money to buy it, I’m walking to the University to avoid spending money on the bus, and I’m also saving on food, but it’s still hard to put the money together for this book. And it costs 55 dollars.
    where I could get help to buy it?
    Thank you!

    The name of the book is Molecular Ecology

  • Sandrine Elkaim Linglet

    We are looking for help, we a a non profit organization and need grants for saving Wild mustangs that are rounded up and mostly going to be slaughtered.
    We have 2 as of today but have no funds to rescue more, it’s urgent to find a way to rescue these horses from slaughter.
    Can someone help as a grant writer, grants ??
    Thank you in advance we are looking forward to hear from you

  • Indira Cedeño-Mosquera

    Im a panamanian in Panama, Central America struggling with my mother’s school that few moths I start to take care and try to make it work.
    We want to innovate offering the best education we can offer to students in a developing country, that need better professionals ready for the XXIst century.
    We have 100 kids right now from K-12, my dream is to build a big private school with very low prices. but the best education ever.
    The government schools are really awful
    How can we apply for Grants or international funding for our school. visit our web page that has all that we want to reach as goals. http://www.natesch.org .

  • Aram Polster

    We are looking for grants to help fund our small dental clinic on Smith Island–Maryland’s only inhabited island. With only 200 people, and an aging population, the necessary boat ride to the mainland is often difficult. The clinic has been in service for over 15 years but has run into issues with outdated and inoperational equipment. Where do we look for grant money to help us get on our feet again?

    • Lauren Watkins

      Hi Aram, if your lab is interested in integrating 3D printing into your digital dentistry workflow, you should check out the Formlabs research 3D printing grant. We work with a number of dental schools and practices and have biocompatible resin material for surgical guides and crown and bridge models. The grant is here: https://formlabs.com/research-3d-printing-grant/ and you can learn more about our dental applications here: https://formlabs.com/industries/dentistry/. I hope this helps! – Lauren

  • john blackman

    I am a brand new executive director for the “I Have A Dream” Foundation-Idaho. Although I have over 30 years experience in public education, I am very new to the world of fund raising and could use some help. We are looking for funding to change the lives of young people from kindergarten all the way through college, by providing them with equitable access to educational opportunities. We are seeking to do this through individualized social, emotional, and academic support K-12, along with some amount of guaranteed tuition support upon graduation. Any ideas where I might find foundations and or folks who are passionate about changing lives through education?

  • Linda Dann

    We have a group of small investors eager to purchase and rehab an old warehouse in the Kensington section of Philly to be used for rehab and recovery housing for addicts. All investors recovering addicts for long-term. Any ideas for that type of funding- after that of course- program funding. They’ve already begun looking into licensing and zoning.

  • Kirsten Eaton

    Hi, I am looking for a grant for my non-profit God’s Warehouse which is a soup kitchen in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Can you help?

  • I am looking for grant funding to help us renovate our fire hall. We are a volunteer fire company with an aging fire hall that needs some serious work or replacement.

  • Claire J. Porter

    We are a brand new Waldorf inspired public charter in NC and are looking for mini-grants for supplies, playground equipment, edible garden, etc. Waldorf is focused on outdoor/experiential learning, reverence for the environment, integration of the arts and student-focused play-based learning that addresses the social-emotional, spiritual, artistic, intellectual whole child. We are also going to use a weighted lottery (economic diversity initiative) that will give a greater weight to children who qualify for free and reduced lunch. Any ideas on who might wish to fund us? Thanks!

  • Bill McDonald

    We are looking for a grant to procure a Speech Language Pathologist for 20+ students in need at a private Christian school in Montana.

  • Jody Dahl

    We are looking for a grant writer.

  • Wendi Duncan

    I am looking for help finding grant money to continue to fund a 501 c3 that has been in business since 1990. It is a payee organization and we focus on helping those that are in need. We work with a wide range of people. There is such a need, but i cant seem to find the right grants to apply for to help our organization. Any advise or direction is greatly appreciated.

  • William Rennhack

    I’m looking for individuals who are willing to walk the walk as Christians. I will be trying to secure a property in the Upper Peninsula, MI. The property I have in mind is large enough to run a faith based crisis/homeless shelter as well as an educational center as well. I am doing this because everybody wants to help people, however, I don’t see anyway it’s actually possible because of obstacles in society. There doesn’t seem to be anyone making the rubber meet the road. I’m hoping to find volunteers as well as investors.

  • Valerie Van Kooten

    I get the feeling that many of the people/groups sharing on here are not 501(c)3 organizations. If you aren’t registered as a non-profit in that way, you cannot apply for 99 percent of the grants out there.

  • Alliea

    As a professional grant writer, I have read many of the comments from those representing organizations in need of funds and I would love to advise you to please look for someone who shares your passion and who also adheres to our industry’s code of ethics in not charging a percentage of money raised! Yes, we do have ethics! If you’re dealing with someone who is not familiar with them; don’t walk away – run! 🙂

  • Wendy Cowan

    Hello… I am looking for a grant writer to help me… I run a 501c3 non profit thrift store that helps the less fortunate with their pets vet bills. I work a full time job and volunteer at the thrift store. It is a 100% volunteer run organization and needs a little help with funds. We take in donations to sell and turn it into money to help people… If there is anyone out there who can help, or point me in the right direction… Please feel free to contact me… Please find me on Facebook… Jazzy & Mumbos Animal Aid Thrift Store

  • klhlist@gmail.com

    Marty how did you fare? I have an idea for seniors also please get in touch.

  • Patti

    Hi! I have a small non profit STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) Center in NJ. We are in need of funding, and are at a complete loss of where to go, does anyone know of where to go to find a grant writer who would work on commission?

  • Rita Carter

    Hi, Medcy.org is a recently formed 501c3 non profit organization in
    Houston,Tx. Our mission is to operate as a thrift store providing gently
    used medical equipment and supplies to the general public at an
    affordable cost. Right now we are trying to get funds to lease a
    building and carry our operating costs for several months. Suggestions
    on grants or sources that could help us?

  • Slavic Stasyuk

    Hey, Serquest does a $5000 video grant competition fairly often… Pretty much you upload a video of your organization and create a free profile, then monitor their facebook page to see the winner every month.

  • wayne driscoll jr

    I currently am the owner of a non-profit youth basketball program for underprivileged kids. I am looking for assistance for the program to gibe these kids a chance to participate in the program, I am in need of some grants or assistance to pay for equipment, gym space and registration fees to assist these kids and give them an opportunity. I would appreciate any feedback with this and assistance with a point in the right direction.