3 Can’t-Forget Essentials for Effective Donor Pages [VIDEO]

While it’s not about the money (otherwise, you wouldn’t be in this gig), your nonprofit simply needs revenue to operate. Without it, how are you going to fund those amazing programs (much less, pay your employees)?

That’s why the donor page is probably the most important individual element of your nonprofit website. It’s critically important to understand what donors want from your nonprofit website, but at the end of the day, effective donor pages are what allows the website to pay for itself.

Watch to learn the three essential elements of online donation pages.

3 Can’t-Forget Essentials for Effective Donor Pages


It’s probably the most important page to your website, which means that it’s easy to stress over. We aren’t blaming you, but we’re begging you—don’t overthink your donor landing page. Effectiveness can be boiled down to three specific words—simplicity, security and consistency.

Let’s start with simplicity. Nobody wants to jump through hoops to donate. If they’ve made up their mind to donate, they could just as easily switch back when they become frustrated at the complexity it takes to give.

Make it easy. One click of a donate button and entering credit card details should be all that it takes. 

Which brings us to security. You wouldn’t give your credit card information to a stranger. It just doesn’t make sense. Make sure your organization uses a secure site and that your donors know you’re using it. We suggest a site like PayPal or PaymentSpring. A site with a solid reputation gives your users a sense of security. They’ll be more likely to give.

Finally, be consistent. Just because your donor page is special doesn’t mean it should have a different design than your website. Keep the same color scheme, same design and same flow. It deserves to be special, but it should match the rest of your site. 

Simplicity, security and consistency. Remember those three concepts and you’re sure to prevail with your donor page. Thanks for watching.


Matt Spitsen

Matt Spitsen is the Senior Editor of Nonprofit Hub. As a millennial, Matt provides direct insight on how nonprofits must evolve to be relevant to his generation. Through his experience in leading nonprofit organizations, he understands the challenges many nonprofits face in evolving their organizations and embracing marketing and fundraising trends. Connect with Matt on Twitter at @mattforgood.

June 11, 2013

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