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11 Nonprofit Thought Leaders You Should Be Following

Whether they’re seasoned veterans or they’re trying to disrupt the industry, these nonprofit thought leaders will give you all you need and more.

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How to Own Your Executive Director Role

Forget everything you know about what your position should be and start thinking about what it needs to be to achieve your mission.

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How to Maintain Donor Engagement Between Asks

Donor engagement is tricky. You don’t want to be too pushy, but you don’t want to give your donors nothing but radio silence either. We can help.

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How and When to Let a Volunteer Go

Letting a volunteer go is uncomfortable, difficult and downright awkward, but hopefully we can alleviate some of that weirdness with these tips.

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[PODCAST] What’s Next? with Gina Trimarco

In this episode, Gina Trimarco and Randy discuss the need to run your organization like a business, leadership transitions and the importance of human understanding.

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3 Nonprofit Newsletters You Need in Your Inbox

Just about every company on the planet has a newsletter now-a-days, but there are some that are just plain better. Here are a few of our favorites.

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How to Bounce Back When You’re Told No

Donors are going to tell you no; it’s just a fact of fundraising. You can bounce back and turn that rejection into a positive learning experience.

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The Difference Between Being Fiscally Responsible and Pinching Pennies

You work for a nonprofit. And that means spending minimal amounts of money and pinching every dollar to get by, right? That’s not necessarily true.

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Ending the Stigma: Fundraising is Sales

Nonprofit professionals are reluctant to compare fundraising to sales, but why? Let’s take a look at why they’re not so different after all.

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Identifying the Value of Nonprofit Customer Experience

Unfortunately, many nonprofits don’t lean on customer experience to enrich their brands—and it’s costing them.