5 Creative Technologies to Inspire Your Nonprofit’s Efforts

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Look around you. How much technology is in your general area?

We use technology every day of our lives, whether that be using our phones or surfing the Web. We use it so often because it makes our lives easier. Technology is also used to take in information and learn new things faster than any other generation has before.

Although technology improves our everyday lives, it can also be used to improve society. Many organizations develop apps and gadgets to help those in need. Your nonprofit can learn from this, and develop your own technology that helps people on a daily basis.

Here are five creative technologies that can help to inspire your nonprofit’s efforts.


This app helps the environment by encouraging recycling.

iRecycle is an app that tells you where you can find local recycling locations. It also informs you on what you should recycle and where you can recycle certain materials. You can connect on social media and get in touch with other recycling enthusiasts. This app is like Yelp for recycling, but it helps the environment.

The iRecycle app is an example of an organization making it easier for people to get involved with the message they’re trying to spread. They want people to recycle, and it’s easier to do that when you are fully informed on how and where to do it. Find ways to make it easier for people to be involved with the message of your nonprofit.

Vital Connect

Catch your medical problems before you end up in the emergency room.

Vital Connect is a Band-Aid sized product that tracks vitals such as steps, heart rate, breathing and skin temperature. This small gadget is placed right above your heart, and stays on all the time. It’ll know if something is wrong so you can get immediate medical treatment. It’ll also show doctors what your normal levels are so you can get out of the hospital faster.

This product follows the company’s goal to improve the lives of everyone. It’s similar to how technology saves lives every day.

Access Earth

Your nonprofit can connect and help people around the world.

Access Earth is essentially the Google Maps for people with disabilities. Not only does it accurately locate hotels that are handicapped accessible, but it also gives specific details that might impact different disabilities.

Access Earth is a great example of technology that can help people all over the world. Your nonprofit can help everyone by using the right technology.

Charity Miles

Perform a task and help others; this is the concept of Charity Miles.

This app tracks how much you run or walk, and money will be donated to the charity of your choice based on how much mileage you’ve exercised. Not only will you be inspired to exercise, you’ll also be helping charities at the same time.

Your nonprofit’s technology can help people feel better about themselves while they improve their lives. It’ll also inspire people to donate because they’re getting a lot out of it in comparison to a normal donation.

Reverse the Odds

Want to save peoples’ lives and help work toward a cure for cancer? Reverse the Odds is the game for you.

Reverse the Odds is an app where you look at pictures of real cancer cells of patients that have already been treated. The app is designed as a game, and you get points for accuracy. This game helps scientists spot signs they might have missed, and it ultimately advances cancer research.

Your nonprofit should consider developing an app similar to Reverse the Odds. Think about something that could help the cause of your nonprofit or create buzz around it, but in the form of an entertaining and informational game.

These organizations have created technology that aligns with their goals and help people every day. Define your nonprofit’s goals and create something that improves peoples’ lives.

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Kayla Matthews

April 20, 2016

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