The 5 LinkedIn Groups Every Nonprofit Pro Should Join

Lauren Bejot is a guest contributor for Nonprofit Hub. She is a social media strategist at Firespring, providing custom analyses and recommendations to clients and developing social media marketing strategies for the Firespring brand.


Nonprofit professionals have more resources than ever when it comes to getting connected, and few resources are more valuable than the Internet. Today, it is easier than ever for nonprofit professionals to use the Internet to connect to other professionals through LinkedIn.

The groups worth joining on LinkedIn are seemingly endless, and that’s why we’ve identified five groups any nonprofit LinkedIn user should join.

1. Mojalink Non Profit Network

Mojalink’s more than 170,000 members make it one of the largest nonprofit groups on LinkedIn, and rest assured that it grew its six figure membership for a reason. Mojalink is a specialist when it comes to connecting nonprofit professionals, and they are the creator of the group. As such, the Mojalink group connects members while also educating group members on many essential aspects of nonprofit operations. Expect to learn more about funding, networking and more as a result of joining this vast nonprofit resource.

2. Social Media for Nonprofit Organizations

In today’s mobile media and share-crazy culture, being able to tap into the goldmine of social media is crucial for nonprofit success. That is where this LinkedIn group steps in, and it is helping over 70,000 nonprofit pros learn the tricks of the trade. Members are extremely helpful and willing to share their social media success stories and knowledge, making this an invaluable resource for nonprofit professionals that want to develop a social media strategy for their nonprofit.

3. Non-Profit Marketing

As the name implies, this LinkedIn nonprofit marketing group is centered around the marketing aspects of nonprofits. Just about everything you would expect to find is covered, including direct marketing strategies, grant writing, public relations and the always important fundraising. By joining this group, it is easier than ever to find helpful blogs, articles and forum discussions on all things nonprofit marketing.

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Lauren Bejot

September 18, 2015

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