5 Required Element When Building Websites for Nonprofits: #2 Design

I’m visually wired and right-brained, so when it comes to the five required elements when building websites for nonprofits, design is my favorite to talk about.

We’re talking about the look and feel of a website—a really well designed site will always evoke a certain feeling when you land on it. It won’t necessarily knock you off your feet and make you go, “Wow, that’s beautiful!” But that’s not the goal of good design.

A great design should clearly tell the story of your organization. It’s that simple. If people come to our website and they get what we’re about because we’ve told our story well through the use of images, text and other elements, then we’ve done our job.

To read more on good design for your nonprofit website, follow the link below.

5 Required Elements When Building Websites for Nonprofits: #2 Design [Firespring]

Design trends

Jay Wilkinson

August 29, 2013

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