5 Required Elements When Building Websites for Nonprofits: #1 Structure

Have you ever asked people in your target audience, “If we were to build the perfect nonprofit website, what would it look like?” It’s crucial that we understand what the end user is looking for in our website. After all, we’re building it for them, not for us.

Over the next five posts, I’m going to talk about the five required elements when building websites for nonprofits, something every organization needs to consider as they evaluate their own website.

As we’ve worked with countless numbers of constituents, donors and volunteers over the years, these are, universally, the things they want to see in a nonprofit’s website.

The first element is structure, which is basically how a website is put together. Our sites should be built so the end users can easily find their way around—it shouldn’t feel like they’re solving a puzzle. The information, content, resources and tools on our website should be organized so that it’s easy and intuitive for people to interact with us.

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Jay Wilkinson

August 23, 2013

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