A/B Testing Made Easy

Do terms like “A/B testing,” “multi-variate testing,” or “conversion rate optimization” sound like nothing but complicated jargon? In some ways, these are distinct phrases that are less common outside the world of marketing. But they’re really not as complex as they seem. This type of testing is actually an easy method to use to boost your marketing results. Because it sounds difficult, most people focus on getting more traffic to their website instead. And, in the nonprofit sector, the last thing you need is an additional challenge or time-heavy project. You need everything made easy—including A/B testing made easy.

In this free guide from Journity, you’ll discover that is easy! With all the secrets to this helpful marketing method, this guide will make you an A/B expert in no time. And by using these tactics, you can gain more support for your cause.

With this resource, you’ll take away:

Why A/B testing is necessary

The key pieces for a successful test

How to pick what to test

Tools for simple and affordable A/B testing

How to analyze tests and make data-informed decisions

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