The Most Common Problem that Nonprofits Face Today

Did you know that of the 88% of nonprofits with a website, nearly three-quarters of them use a low-cost or no-cost solution for their site? They spend maybe just a couple hundred dollars to get a website up and running, often paying someone who knows about IT, but nothing about their organization to build them one—and they end up with a solution that doesn’t meet their needs.

This is the single most common problem that we struggle with in the nonprofit world.

A nonprofit’s website should be at the core center of its universe. But the problem is, once we get people to our site, we send them away. We send them off to LinkedIn or Twitter and Facebook. We send them somewhere else to opt in or make a donation. This is what most nonprofit organizations do: Get them to their website, then send them away. Whether it’s to Eventbrite to register, or to PayPal to donate or to WordPress for a blog, we’ve gotten into the bad habit of sending our online guests away from our website when our goal should be to keep them there and engage—to give them the tools they need to accomplish what they came to do.

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Jay Wilkinson

June 17, 2015

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