Motivation. We all have it, we all lack it at times. There’s a trick to stimulating motivation among your employees and volunteers. Employees and volunteers are equally as important as donors when it comes to a nonprofit. These people are the lifeblood of your organization.

Winning an employee or volunteer over to your cause is just the start. Your nonprofit can grow by leaps and bounds and create brand champions from within its walls by appreciating, celebrating and acknowledging all the good your employees and volunteers do.

Simple things Momma taught us like “please” and “thank you” mean a lot to people taking their time to help your nonprofit achieve its mission. But sometimes you can do a bit more and really show how much they mean to you. If you want to go above and beyond regular recognition, here are some things to consider and tips to get you started.

Reward Employees and Volunteers

Give an award to “The Volunteer of the Month” or “The Employee of the Month”, it’s important to reward and recognize their hard work. The number one motivator is feedback. It shows that you care, you’re an engaged leader and that you appreciate what they’re doing. Time well spent, if you ask us. You could also host a pizza party appreciation meeting. Free food is an awesome motivator. Use it as brainstorming session or as a time to get to know your team. Plus, if you’re having trouble with after hours attendance, food might just be the kick to get them there.

Show Appreciation

Give a hand-written note with specific examples of what you appreciate about an employee or volunteer. Letting them know that their work is being individualized recognized means so much to someone and positivity is a great motivator. It doesn’t take too long, just pick out a couple of things that they really bring to your organization.

Be available

Interact with those around you. Take some time during your day to make face-to-face contact with those working for your cause. They want to know you and you should want to get to know them, too. Facetime can go a long way in making this happen.

Bonus Tip: Host a retreat

Do this on site or off with volunteers and employees to review the last year—what went right, what went wrong, what can be improved—and ask for feedback and input. By asking for their thoughts, you make them an integral part of the process. This can go a long way in really building up your team’s dynamic.

These are quick and easy ways to raise morale and show appreciation to those who believe in your mission. Don’t wait for “employee appreciation day” to show the people who help you the most how much they truly mean to you.