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Crowded’s digital banking platform, simplifies financial management for all types nonprofits. Our nonprofit bank accounts allow for seamless payment collection, spending of organization funds and tax compliance. The digital nature of Crowded allows for bank activity to take place anytime, anywhere, with easy online officer handovers. Crowded was created to make the lives of nonprofit treasurers easier: from simple ways to collect money from members to the fully online experience.

Crowded’s collect feature allows for utmost flexibility when accepting money from others. It can be used for fundraising, with open amounts, for dues, fees, event tickets, cookie sales, with a multiplying option, and anything else a nonprofit collects money for. If a nonprofit wants to host bake sale, for example, people can easily pay for 5 muffins in one transaction. Admins can create a collection link in less than a minute and share the link via email, link or QR code (place it on a poster).

Crowded users can then spend the money they collect with Visa debit cards. Each account can have unlimited budgeted digital debit cards, where the admin can issue cards to members for purchases for the organization. Never deal with reimbursements again, and track all payments clearly on the Crowded dashboard.

Nonprofits can even opt to pay their employees or issue per diems through the Crowded platform. Admins can create a dedicated account for a member, and schedule payments to that account. These accounts have their own account numbers, and the recipient has privacy and control over what happens with that money.

New nonprofits can get totally setup with Crowded. Through the sign-up process, they can apply for an EIN and incorporate, for the lowest prices on the market. Once those documents are approved, they are already set up with a bank account perfectly suited for their needs.

Nonprofit organizations looking for passive fundraising tools can utilize Crowded Rewards,a shop-to-give cashback rewards program. Half of the rewards earned go to the shopper and half to their nonprofit. Once scaled, this rewards program can easily earn extra cash for any nonprofit.

Crowded gives clarity into an organization’s transactions, removes the hassle of juggling funds across platforms and provides nonprofit leaders with enhanced financial oversight.