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Donate Stock

Did you know that your donors could be gifting appreciated stock to your organization? If not, don’t worry, your supporters might not realize this either! Stock donations are not as mainstream as cash gifts but they are growing in popularity as donors and nonprofits become aware of the win-win-win benefits of this method of support. We’re here to help nonprofits access new funding by enabling everyday investors to donate stock in minutes. While donors save big on capital gains taxes, nonprofits benefit from larger pre-tax donations. Everyone wins! Whether you’re looking to ramp up your receipt of stock donations, incorporate stock gifting into your year-end fundraising strategy, or get started with a donor communications plan, we’re here to help.

We aim to make stock gifting mainstream. In doing so we’ll help thousands of nonprofits impact millions of lives.

Features of Donate Stock

  1. A branded homepage for your organization
  2. Marketing playbook and content library
  3. Dashboard reporting and analytics
  4. Data security
  5. No brokerage required: Donate Stock can liquidate donated shares into cash for your organization if you wish.

5 Benefits for Donors

  1. You can reduce or eliminate capital gains tax
  2. You can deduct the full market value of your stock
  3. It’s a great way to rebalance your portfolio!
  4. Your gift is even more generous when given pre-sale
  5. You’re helping your favorite nonprofits to diversify and strengthen their support

Nonprofits that have strong financial support have diversified financial support. Becoming equipped to accept appreciated stock donations gives your charity one more way to raise funding and work with your committed donors. Talk about a win-win-win! Donors get unique tax benefits, your organization gets the support necessary to carry out your mission, and those you serve receive the services they need. Have more questions? Check out the resource page at for additional articles and content.


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