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Dot Org Solutions

526 S. Main St. Akron OH


Dot Org Solutions

Dot Org Solutions LLC is based in Akron, Ohio and was founded in 2009 by Amy Wong. Amy is a nonprofit fundraising and marketing veteran with more than 17 years of experience working for large nonprofits. She wanted to take the experience and training that she received from organizations to build a creative fundraising firm specializing in working with nonprofit clients. Today, the Dot Org team works with a variety of nonprofit clients across the sector.

We believe at the heart of every strong community are nonprofits and small businesses. We applaud the outstanding work they do and are grateful to the more than 100 nonprofits and small businesses who have trusted us to help them grow and thrive since 2009. As our way of showing our appreciation, we give back in a variety of ways.

Our proven systems and years of experience help reduce the anxiety and stress felt by you and your team. We give you more time to focus on other important things.

We do this by helping you- help navigate communications and fundraising challenges. As well as communicate effectively to clients and donors and educating constituents and customers on the value of products and services.

Our nonprofit marketing and fundraising consultants work with you. Together we will develop a thoughtful strategy, well-documented process, clear and concise messaging, and creative solutions.

We do it better because we want you to grow, succeed, and build a sustainable organization.

When your fundraising and marketing are well planned and implemented, you can spend more time on the important tasks.  This will improve the lives of those you serve. You will also generate more revenue, spend more time in front of the people you want to reach, and have more energy to focus on more important things in your organization.