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Fundmetric is the data capture infrastructure nonprofits need to turn one-time donors into lifetime supporters. More relationships and less transactions, see your revenue grow. Sustainably.

You have a dedicated team of software engineers, data scientists, and account support behind you. We have built our team based on a core company principle, the willingness to learn and the drive to do better. A willingness to learn from the connections we build with our customers, and from the research that fuels our technology.

While humans can be said to be tech’s achilles heel, the human element can be underestimated in the success of any technology. Fundmetric knows that in order to facilitate non-profits to be fully digitally enabled, we have to come out from behind the computer.

We understand the need for the scaling of digital initiatives and we are committed to helping non-profit teams through the difficult changes required to fully embrace the strategy outlined by leadership.

Our technical expertise combined with our commitment to giving you the needed human support, makes for AI adoption success.

This is about meeting you where you are now — not where you think you should be.