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Nonprofit Nav, LLC

Nonprofit Nav, LLC

840 Jackson St. #1052 Grand Haven Michigan



Nonprofit Nav, LLC helps small to mid-sized organizations navigate everything from strategic planning to managing their communications and outreach.

Why I started Nonprofit Nav, LLC:

If you haven’t heard Simon Sinek or “Start with Why” referenced a few too many times, welcome. You must be new to the nonprofit sector. Kidding…sorta. In order to trust, collaborate, and ultimately succeed when working with outside talent or consultants, you must first understand why they’re helping. Is it money? Guaranteed, to some degree. Otherwise, they’d volunteer, right? Ideally, however, it’s something that transcends profit.

I have never been at peace in a holding pattern. There has always been a next initiative, campaign, or challenge to take on. I’ve served in leadership roles for five different nonprofit organizations over the past 15 years. And, that’s not including those where I served on the board of directors. The trajectory of my career has been easy to criticize as non-committal or over-ambitious. But at the end of the day, I have used my energy and time to build, grow, and further good work. And, I’ve learned more than I ever thought I would.

We fill every checkbox of a stereotypical entrepreneur so the desire to start Nonprofit Nav has always been there. The diversity of clients, challenges, and opportunities is irresistible to me. This is my dream job and ultimate destination. That is my personal “why,” which I realize is not expressly valuable to you, as a nonprofit, but this is…

Why Nonprofit Nav is Different:

Nonprofit Nav is different because I’ve been in your seat. I’ve faced the budget, the board, the volunteers, and the loneliness of leadership when you’re making big strides. I’ve lost sleep because of stress, but also because the work is so exciting – the potential so significant – that sleep feels like time wasted.

The lingo, the politics, the pressures, and the possibilities are all familiar to this team and the network of experts we work with. We are in this for you and with you. We can be the nonprofit consultant to assist you with all the challenges you face.

Navigating any business is a challenge, but I’d encourage you to always work with someone who knows the landscape.