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Proofpact is your nonprofit’s fastest path to automating meaningful constituent engagement. The emotional vehicle used to do this is storytelling and the result is higher engagement and socialized proof of impact.

When a supporter or client served shares a story, Proofpact enables you to deliver the most meaningful content to that storyteller who is now emotionally invested and more likely to engage. With Proofpact, your nonprofit can start an automated supporter sequence of encouragement, empowerment, and engagement.

We base our functionality around 3 key stages for your nonprofit — “the three E’s”.

Encourage. Empower. Engage.

How it works

Story Collection

Embed your Story Collection form on your nonprofit’s website (or anywhere)!

We’ve made storytelling easy by taking out all of the distractions that sometimes accompany a survey or review. The storyteller is not obligated to sign up and can focus on simply telling their story. What this means for your nonprofit is more stories shared, more opportunities for meaningful engagement, a healthy dose of brand reputation management, and ultimately more community-driven proof of impact!


Meaningful and targeted engagement, right after a story is shared — anywhere you are collecting stories!

Automated meaningful engagement may sound complex and bleeding edge but it is not. Proofpact uses a programmatic approach and utilizes storytelling as a vehicle to identify upfront the type of supporter or beneficiary. After a story is shared, you are then able to deliver the right video, forms, and custom content to that specific storyteller all without having to code.

Proof of Impact

Embed Storyboards (social proof + calls to action) on your nonprofit’s website site or share them all across the web!

Socialize and leverage the stories shared about your organization! Create Storyboards in seconds and showcase groupings of all of your stories or just a select few. Add new stories to your previously created and embedded Storyboards, anytime, automatically in just one click! These storyboards can also house inline calls to action that you can adjust depending on the audience that the storyboard is intended for.

Proofpact operates believing that encouragement, empowerment, and engagement are all transactionally and emotionally an infinite cycle that when combined correctly has both immediate and long-lasting results. Are you ready to start engaging and socializing your proof of the impact of the Proofpact way?