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Rustic Roots Creative

Rustic Roots Creative

200 E Broadway Ave Suite 306 Maryville Tennessee


At Rustic Roots Creative, we create videos that amplify the voices and missions of nonprofits that are making an impact in their community. We believe in the power of storytelling for nonprofits. Communicating your vision to potential donors will make a lasting impact. Every nonprofit has a story to tell. Let’s share yours together.

Does your organization struggle with people knowing who you are, but not what you do? We’re here to help! You uplift the community and promote positive outcomes for future generations, and all with a compelling mission—but fundraising is still difficult. Rustic Roots Creative helps nonprofits amplify their voice and mission through video content that inspires their communities to make a difference.

Rustic Roots Creative is built from the ground up to work with nonprofits, which includes their pricing. As a video production team that specializes in nonprofit storytelling, Rustic Roots understands how to work on a limited budget without losing sight of quality work and an understanding of an organizations’ mission.

  • -We believe in the power of nonprofits. The vision for Rustic Roots Creative is simple. We help nonprofits tell their story to enable them to effectively communicate and achieve their mission.
  • -We believe in the power of storytelling. Stories are captivating and engaging. They inspire people to dream bigger and motivate them to be part of something bigger than themselves.
  • -We believe the work done for nonprofits should be the best work that we do, not an afterthought.

For over 5 years we’ve been able to tell a better story. We’ve helped over 50 nonprofits visualize their mission of how they have impacted the community, and we want to help corporations do the same. At Rustic Roots Creative, social responsibility is who we are, it’s what we do over and over. Let us help you create an environment that is optimistic and ready for social responsibility. Whether you have an established CSR plan, or you are just starting out, we can help you achieve your goals.