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At Winspire we provide highly sought-after, hard-to-find, unique experiences for use in charity auctions or fundraisers.

Winspire was established in 2008 with the focus of assisting nonprofits to maximize their fundraising revenue.

From the beginning, our team has been dedicated to creating and providing the Nonprofit community with the best service and most unique auction item Experiences. Winspire has helped with over 75,000 nonprofit auctions across North America to provide auction items and resources that help increase revenue in events big and small.

This increasingly popular fundraising tool allows you to place exclusive travel packages in your charity auction without any upfront cost to your organization. Since you purchase only what you sell, every one of our Experiences is risk-free. Choose from award shows, major sporting events, VIP access, family vacations, international trips, cruises, adventure travel, golf trips, and hundreds more.

Auction Items Made Easy

1. Select Experiences
Choose from over 200 unique Experiences and use your Suitcase.

2. Offer them at your event
Since you only purchase the Experiences that sell at your event.

3. Tell us what sold
After your event, tell us how many times you sold each package, then enter the names and emails.

4. Winners Redeem
As soon as winners receive their vouchers, they can begin redeeming

We’ve developed a list of core values that allows us to put our best foot forward every day.
At the heart of our core values is the underlying principle of being people-centered, and showing genuine care and respect to our fellow team members. As well as non-profits and their supporters, resellers, travel partners, and the local community.

Your Nonprofit organization only purchases an Experience after the fundraising event, and only after it has been successfully sold to a Winning Bidder. An Event Consultant will work with you to determine a minimum auction price for each package, giving you control over how much you make. If you don’t reach the minimum bid during your charity auction, no transaction with Winspire takes place. This guarantees you profit on items sold and makes all our Experiences 100% at No Risk.