The Fallacy of Nonprofits Doing More with Less

This fallacy has cost far too many organizations too much money. It’s based on misdirected thinking that says you should make marketing decisions based on cost, not on value, and focuses on the price tag, not the return on investment. If you buy into the fallacy of doing more with less, you may end up watching your marketing dollars slip down the drain with little to show for them in the end.

How does this philosophy play out practically? One way is with what I call “go-to geeks.” I was a go-to geek at one time, so I have nothing but love for them. But they’re not the right option for building your organization’s website.

A go-to geek could be anyone from a volunteer’s nephew to a paid staff member who happens to know how to code. Many organizations blindly trust someone like this to strategize and build their website because, let’s be honest, it’s cheap.

Go-to geeks may be affordable. But they also tend to be transient and lack the necessary skills to create a truly useful site for your audience. As much as I love them, they’re not your best option.

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Jay Wilkinson

July 30, 2015

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