Five Critical Elements of Effective Email Marketing for Nonprofits

Thanks to a constant flux of email messages, people are slammed with hundreds of messages every day. Look at your own inbox. Engaging a prospect or new supporter with an email message is a little like trying to grab a waiter’s attention at a busy restaurant.

There are some elements, though, that make a successful email stand out in a crowded inbox. Here are five critical components that I believe are crucial for effective email marketing for nonprofits.

Consistent branding.

Your website and your email template should go together—this means keeping both your communication and design style consistent. Don’t use one style on your site but another in your email message. Consistency in branding promotes trust, something that’s crucial in email marketing for nonprofits. (And, of course, always include your logo.)

Refer to a friend.

Always include an option for the email recipient to share your message with a friend—it’s a great way to grow your list and spread the word about your organization.

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Jay Wilkinson

October 22, 2013

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