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Learn how to be an excellent delegator with

the Get More Done Course!

Make no mistake: Delegation is a skill, and being a good delegator is a thing that inclusive leaders can (and must) learn.

Healthy delegation doesn’t just increase our impact or our business opportunity. It also empowers our employees and fosters collaboration.

The creator of this course, Lindsay Lashell, has done it for decades, and she’s found the most effective delegation always makes space for authentic communication, kindness, and accountability, regardless of whether you’re working with paid staff or volunteers.

Basically, if you are in the very normal situation of having to work or live with other humans, this information can help you make that a more pleasant experience for everyone.

Course content: 6 videos, a total of 40 minutes of watch time, and 4 recommended activities.


In this course, you’ll learn:


  • The rationale for why delegation is important
  • Guiding philosophies for successful delegation
  • The responsibilities of Askers and Doers
  • Exploring the assumption that everyone is qualified, committed, and behaving with integrity
  • What to do for incorrect, incomplete delivery, and late or non-delivery
  • How this process reveals the need for staffing changes


This course is ideal for:

  • You manage small or large groups of volunteers
  • You manage small or large groups of staff
  • You work with clients, contractors, or other vendors
  • You have roommates, children, or partners



Cause Network Included!

Of course, like all Nonprofit Hub courses, the Get More Done Course includes access to the Cause Network! The Cause Network is the membership platform of Nonprofit Hub. Take your professional development and network to the next level with a broad content library, training, and a closed network space to meet nonprofit peers.



Meet Lindsay LaShell | CEO of Open Lines Marketing

Lindsay Dayton LaShell is a Marketing Activist and the creator of the Open Lines Marketing Framework. Her work is to advance justice, equity, and sustainability through access to excellent marketing strategies for women, indigenous, queer, or POC founders, B Corps, and nonprofits. Open Lines Marketing, a consultancy that serves women, queer, and BIPOC entrepreneurs, along with nonprofits, B Corps, and other purpose-driven companies. Her work is to help these organizations achieve financial strength and sustained impact through marketing that is both empathetic and efficient.

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