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Google Grant Workshop

Secure $120k in free search advertising for your organization and make a huge impact!


Give 30 minutes of your time, and you’ll see how to easily get $120k in free search advertising so your organization can make a huge impact online with the Google Grant.
This course will give you the exact steps to apply for the Google Grant ($120k in free search advertising for registered nonprofit organizations).  The Google Grant is ideal for nonprofit marketers who are looking to stretch a limited budget, measure their marketing efforts, and stand out in a crowded marketplace.
Learn how to apply for the Google Grant today and secure free advertising for your organization.
You’ll also get an introduction to compliance or the rules you must follow in order to keep your grant active.
Learn how to get the grant that hundreds of nonprofits are already using to make a huge impact online.

Who This Course Is For:

  • Stretch your limited budget to grow your organization. Is your marketing budget limited at your organization? Do you wear so many hats that you’re a generalist across many channels? The Google Ad Grant gives your organization $120k per year to use across search advertising. This boost in budget is exactly what you need to reach new users online.
  • Measure your marketing efforts online. Are you struggling to measure the impact of your online marketing campaigns? Do you have no way of attributing organization revenue to your efforts? With search marketing, you can use Google Analytics 4 to attribute revenue directly back to the specific keyword. How good would this be to share with board members?
  • Stand out in a crowded marketplace online. Are you feeling a small online versus the big nonprofits capturing all the online space with huge budgets? A big secret among these huge nonprofit organizations is that they ARE all using the Google Grant to grow online. The Google Grant will also help your organization grow online.


Time Commitment: 30 minutes to watch the videos and 1-2 hours to submit your application.

We’ve seen grant approvals in less than 24 hours but could take up to one month.

Please note that you must be a registered charitable organization located in one of the 68 eligible countries to apply for the Google Grant. Those not eligible include government entities or organizations, hospitals or healthcare organizations and schools, academic institutions, or universities.

Cause Network Included!

Of course, like all Nonprofit Hub courses, the Google Grant Workshop includes access to the Cause Network! The Cause Network is the membership platform of Nonprofit Hub. Take your professional development and network to the next level with a broad content library, training, and a closed network space to meet nonprofit peers.



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