Complete Guide For How Nonprofits Can Use Texting


Texting for nonprofits offers an immediate and efficient communication method, with text messages often read within minutes of receipt. This immediacy is complemented by high open rates, far surpassing those of emails, ensuring messages are more likely to be seen and acted upon.


Texting provides broad accessibility, reaching even those in low-income or remote areas who might not have regular internet access. Its personal touch fosters a closer connection with audiences, making it especially effective for engaging younger demographics like millennials and Gen Z.


The versatility of texting allows nonprofits to use it for various campaigns, from fundraising to emergency alerts. In crisis situations, its rapid reach is invaluable, and its digital nature offers environmental and cost benefits over traditional mail campaigns.


Additionally, modern texting platforms integrate seamlessly with other tech tools, enhancing data analysis and ensuring messages are tailored to those genuinely interested. In essence, texting has become an indispensable tool for nonprofits to enhance their communication, engagement, and impact.


This guide will walk you through:

  • Developing a Text Messaging Strategy
  • Crafting Effective Messages
  • Integrating Texting with Other Communication Channels
  • Utilizing Texting for Fundraising and Donor Engagement
  • Evaluating and Measuring Success
  • and more!
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