How to Build Trust Through Social Media

It was Booker T. Washington who said; “Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others.” It’s such a deeply human trait to feel good about helping others ― which is why nonprofits are so important.

Nonprofits can use social media as a tool to;

  • Raise awareness for their cause
  • Scale their social media donations
  • Build a stronger community of supporters

However, the use of social media could affect the trust people have in your nonprofit organization or non-governmental organization (NGO). This article covers five of the significant impacts of social media on your nonprofit organization’s trust. 

1) Social media helps enhance your NGOs credibility

As a nonprofit, you can enhance your credibility if you share your history and background with your supporters. Your NGO can use a variety of compelling storytelling methods to share your history with your supporters. This will encourage effective donations and build trust. 

Share your organization’s history on your various social media platforms in content bits. This way, it will keep your audience interested in a theme and not overload them with information. It will also encourage them to come back to your social media page and engage with your content. 

2) Humanize your nonprofit organization

Another way social media can influence the trust people have in your NGO is through humanization. By this, we mean showing the face of your NGO. 

Encourage your supporters to form a personal connection by highlighting your amazing staff. Humanization is very important in this impersonal world that we live in. You can also humanize your brand by showing your supporters who their donations help ― the people behind the issues who your nonprofit stands for. 

3) Write linkable tweets on other platforms

Nothing builds trust like getting your NGO on trustworthy platforms. Publications like Forbes, The Huffington Post, etc. can show your supporters that you’re credible. It can also help you improve your social media donations. 

Use microblogs and trustworthy platforms to drive attention to your website and social media pages. By creating content on these blogs and linking to your social media, you drive traffic to your page. 

Overall, create content you want your supporters to associate with your brand.

4) Make success stories sharable

Who doesn’t love a good success story? Especially with NGOs, a success story helps validate the work your organization is doing, and they can significantly impact your NGO. This further builds trust in your organization. 

Social media is such a visual platform, and videos and photos attract more attention than text. This makes it an excellent platform to share your success stories. 

Success stories will also encourage donations and help people get involved in your community. 

5) Partner with like-minded brands

Finally, partnering with like-minded organizations on social media will impact your supporters’ trust in your NGO. By leveraging like-minded partnerships, you can build your nonprofit because:

  • Your partners could share your social media on their platform. This will help expand your NGO reach. 
  • Also, supporters of your partners’ organization could become your supporters as well. 
  • You get access to people interested in social media donations. 

Social media helps nonprofit organizations help you connect with your supporters on a personal level. It also allows you with the transparency of your NGO and building credibility. 


For more information on how to make the most of social media, check out our guide.

Author Bio

John Edwards is a writing specialist who works at The Writing Judge and Pick The Writer. He is looking for ways of self-development in the field of writing and blogging. New horizons in his beloved business always attract with their varieties of opportunities. Therefore, it is so important for him to do the writing.


John Edwards

John Edwards is a writing specialist who is always looking to improve himself in the field of writing and blogging.

September 3, 2020

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