How to put Climate into Your Mission

Look, I know it’s scary. It’s tough to think about. But whether or not you accept it, the Earth is changing. Glaciers are melting, oceans are rising and weather patterns are changing. According to NASA Global Climate Change, In the absence of major action to reduce carbon emissions, global temperature is on track to rise by an average of 10.8 °F, according to the latest estimates.

This is the major issue looming in the back of everyone’s minds. The reality is that none of our causes will matter if we don’t exist. It means nothing you’re working so hard to accomplish will exist either. We’re still not completely destitute. But our actions within the next 15 months will be essential to slowing the process of climate change.

Nonprofits are geared toward creating positive change for the betterment of humankind. They are the hero we need. Aside from becoming a nonprofit completely dedicated to the climate, there are other ways for you to implement climate action into your mission.

Make your office green

Okay, you don’t literally have to paint your office green, but there are little things you can do to decrease the amount of waste created in an office setting. Recycle and use recycled paper, dispose of ink and toner cartridges properly or send them back to be recycled, and switch to eco-friendly cleaning chemicals! You can also use energy-efficient lights, electronics and appliances and encourage your employees to bike to work.

Find sustainable ways to do everyday tasks

It can be easy to cut costs and just go with the cheapest options, but those options will cost us in the long run. Climate-safe products and services may cost you more now, but it’s worth it. There are so many eco-friendly products for almost anything you could need. Need to print t-shirts? Find a safe, sustainable printing and textiles company like one that uses plastic bottles and scraps from cotton industries to weave their shirts.

Make your fundraising events sustainable

Keep climate in mind every time you plan any event. If it’s a pancake feed, think if you can use biodegradable utensils and plates. If it’s a festival of some kind, do you have recycling bins positioned around the venue? You could also plan to have zero-waste events like walkathons or fun runs. A little goes a long way.

Direct your audience to climate organizations

You may not have the resources to dedicate much of your mission to saving the Earth, but other people do. If you can’t implement the change yourself, you’ll still be helping out by directing people to those who can. Find a few climate-centered nonprofit organizations that you trust and inform your audience of them. You can also tell them about ways they can implement green living into their lives.

This has to be a collective effort. But one person does make a difference. If you start to implement green living, it creates a ripple effect. The more you start thinking about the climate, the more the people around you will as well. And it will grow exponentially. As nonprofits, we’re dedicated to service. And our world needs our service now more than ever. Are you with us?

Olivia Layne

As a Content Strategist for Nonprofit Hub, Olivia writes blog posts and magazine articles. She is a double major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, studying Journalism and Advertising and Public Relations. In her free time, Olivia enjoys baking, playing video games, and hiking.

October 11, 2019

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