[Infographic] Guide to Organizing the Perfect Fundraiser

With so many charities and nonprofit organizations asking people to donate to their cause, the public will pick and choose which charities they believe are most worthy of their money. People will, by and large, agree that charitable causes are quite benign and admirable, but with a limited amount of discretionary income to utilize, it usually takes very effective persuasion to prompt people to donate to your nonprofit organization. The key is to strike the right balance between being assertive without becoming overly pushy, as people generally do not respond well to in-your-face requests for charitable donations.

In addition to the right personality, charities and nonprofit groups also need to devise an ideal fundraising activity to pique people’s interests and convince them to donate. The most successful fundraising campaigns tend to involve a degree of donor participation, an element of fun, and transparency as to donations being put to good use. People can sometimes be quite skeptical about the consequences of their donations, so if you can provide clear evidence of the money making a discernible difference to the lives of those for whom you’re fundraising, you’ve a very strong chance of succeeding with the fundraiser.

This infographic offers some good tips on how to organize fundraising activities so that the public will want to donate to your cause not just once, but repeatedly.



perfect fundraiser

Hub Staff

April 3, 2017

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