Last-Minute Gifts for Nonprofit Pros

Did the holidays creep up on you (again) this year? It seems like Giving Tuesday and the kickoff to year-end giving season just happened yesterday, and now December is more than halfway over. Maybe you’re struggling with shopping for last-minute gifts or even providing others with gift ideas for yourself. For the nonprofit professionals out there, we wanted to provide a handy gift guide and give you some suggestions. Last-minute shopping is sometimes inevitable, but here’s to eliminating the stress!

DOUGHP Cookie Dough

Most of us are aware of the ages-old argument about whether or not we should eat raw cookie dough. We have no intention of stirring tensions around that debate (especially not this close to the holidays!). Instead, we can offer a fantastic gift idea that will appeal to both sides of the divide. DOUGHP is a startup that sells custom, safe-to-eat cookie dough mixes. Feel free to bake them, or just dig in raw! In the spirit of the season, every purchase on DOUGHP goes toward helping recovering addicts and people who suffer from mental health issues. Find their gifts page here.

A Useful Tool for Digital Nonprofit Conferencing

Lume Cube | Last-Minute Gifts for Nonprofit Pros

Source: Gadget Flow

As we prepare for 2022, it’s clear that virtual or hybrid event formats are still here to stay. A lighting device from Lume Cube is a great tool to help with your next virtual nonprofit conference, weekly webinar, or Zoom meeting with a remote team. Portable lights like Lume help boost the quality of your video messaging and make for a thoughtful holiday gift. Lume also offers a variety of gifts for every use and budget.

A Smart Notebook to Optimize Workflow

Rocketbook | Last-Minute Gifts for Nonprofit Pros

Source: Business Journals

For the avid note takers and to-do list fanatics in your life, consider leveling up your notebook gifting game. Rocketbook creates smart notebooks that combine a traditional pen and paper feel with digital technology. These notebooks can connect to cloud software or email so you can stay organized. And because these notebooks are reusable, a gift like this is an environmentally friendly option. With the busyness that comes with working in the nonprofit sector, a smart notebook that optimizes workflow is sure to be a hit with any nonprofit professional.

Technology to Improve Board Communication

Easyboard Software

Source: Easyboard

Want to get your board of directors more involved with your mission and programs? Make communications easier in 2022 with Easyboard. This innovative board software helps keep your board meetings organized. From scheduling meetings to posting updates to attaching agendas, Easyboard allows you to handle everything board-related in one place. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Branded Tumblers to Boost Your Energy and Your Cause

Do More Good Tumbler

Tumblers are a classic holiday gift, and branded tumblers provide a unique personalized touch. Consider giving a branded tumbler from your favorite cause to those within your network. Maybe your organization even has its own tumblers! With countless options out there, tumblers are easy to come by and make for convenient last-minute gifts. 

Educational Opportunities to Do More Good

An investment in education is always a good idea! Whether it’s a gift for a colleague or for yourself, consider a course sign-up or nonprofit membership subscription. These kinds of resources provide value while helping you invest in yourself and your cause. 

A Coffee-Related Gift That Keeps on Giving

Atlas Coffee Subscription

Source: 10Best

Subscriptions make for thoughtful gifts because they last throughout the year. A monthly coffee subscription service—such as Atlas or Trade Coffee—can help fuel your nonprofit colleague for all of 2022. Who doesn’t want a steady supply of coffee on-hand?

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Meghan Speer

Meghan Speer currently serves as the Vice President of Marketing Support Network as well as with Nonprofit Hub. She and her team partner with nonprofits across the country to help get their messages to the right audiences and ensure top tier service for their donors. With over 15 years of experience in digital marketing and PR, she brings a passion and creativity to every project to drive results. Meghan published her first book, “Letting Go of Should”, in 2021 and lives in Pittsburgh, PA.

December 15, 2022

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