[LIVE PODCAST] Storytelling, Culture, Leadership and Workplace Wellness

Day two of Cause Camp 2017 was just as good as day one. The hits kept coming on day two, with presentations from Derrick Feldmann, Beth Kanter, and Kivi Leroux-Miller. Once again, we had our emcee Mark Pitman lead a panel to wrap the day up. Kivi and Beth were joined by Tyler Riewer and Lori Jacobwith to discuss questions from the audience. They covered leadership, content, wellness, and much more.

Nobody wants to be the person that can’t do something. But sometimes you have to pass up a job or responsibility to keep your sanity. There’s only so much time in the day, and you’re only one person. Our panelists talked about the importance of saying “no,” and the best ways to do so. They also shared their thoughts on taking personal time away from the office, and when you should just ignore that email in your work account until Monday or tomorrow morning.

Our panel had tons more to say, and about a lot more than just workplace wellness. Check out this episode from Cause Camp 2017’s day two panel to hear our speakers’ thoughts on how to determine what stories you should be telling, the best ways to get your audience to engage with you on social media, measuring the success of your email marketing campaign, and everything in between.

This episode of our Hubcast was sponsored by our friends at Reward Volunteers. Organizations can post their volunteer opportunities—and volunteers can win prizes just from logging their volunteer hours, all at rewardvolunteers.coop.

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Austin Heineman

May 3, 2017

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