How to Make Social Media Work for Your NPO (In Less Time)

Social media doesn’t come easily for all of us. In fact, it takes practice for everybody. But, a little practice can go a long way. And there are ways to make social media work without spending too much time.

Meg of ModMark Group has some great suggestions that we loved. For example, have you used the excuse that you don’t have time for social media? Meg suggests to carve out 10 minutes (that’s all!) at the beginning of your day to focus on social media. Line up some posts for the day and then go about your business as usual.

Also, she suggests following people near and dear to your company. Constituents, people who donate and volunteer and even your staff. Find out what’s relevant for them. See what people are talking about and interested in.

Another tip we’d love to add for quick social media success is to find your voice—and stick with it! Is your organization a traditional organization that needs to cater to those traditions? Or does your organization tackle a progressive topic where you can take a few more liberties? Find out what your voice is, and use that when you’re writing all of your posts. It’ll give you more consistency.

Need more help with social media? We’ve constructed a social media bootcamp—an intensive video course on all things social media. It’s a part of our Nonprofit Hub University, where you can find in depth schooling on specific topics. Check it out now!

For more of Meg’s social media tips, check out the article linked below.

5 Social Media Tips for Social Good Companies That Will Get Your Message Heard (In Less Than 10 Minutes Per Day) [Social Fish]


Lyndsey Hrabik

Lyndsey is a former editor for Nonprofit Hub and Nonprofit Hub Magazine. She now serves as a guest contributor, writing on topics such as social media, technology, marketing and starting a nonprofit.

October 24, 2014

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