2013 is a whole new year–but it’s important to look back to be able to predict what’s going to be important for your organization this year.

Here’s another video from our In-Kind team, about the three most important ways your organization should embrace nonprofit technology in 2013. Watch it below:


2012 was a banner year for nonprofit technology. Nonprofits across the board have moved to embrace technologies that can make a big difference for their organizations.

Let me give you 3 examples of ways tech has changed nonprofits this year:

1. We’ve seen a lot of nonprofits embracing online donation tools. The appeal of these online tools is an abundance of low-cost, easy to use tools that will receive and track donations for you.

2. Nonprofits have learned that they need to prioritize responsive web design. It’s no longer ok to ignore mobile users now that they represent such a vast amount of the donors who are trying to figure out more about your cause.

3. Cloud technology. With cloud technology, all your software and information is stored digitally, meaning you can access it anywhere as long as you have a device with Internet capability. Obviously, this opens a whole realm of possibilities for collaboration … customer relationship management … and more!

If you want to learn about two other technologies will make a difference for your organization in 2013, go read the complete article on NonprofitHub.org.

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