Why Nonprofit Websites Must Align with the Mission

This might seem like common sense, but your nonprofit website should not be built in a vacuum. Unfortunately, it happens all the time.

The executive director might hire her brilliant 14-year-old nephew or an employee’s freelancing boyfriend to build the organization’s website, thinking she’s saving money but still getting the necessary technology and design. But in the end, the site doesn’t match the mission statement or integrate with the rest of the marketing plan. Oftentimes the site looks nice, but has no functionality that engages users—or it has a few cool features, but looks amateurish. A win-lose is not a win.

One of the most important things your organization can do is to ensure that every single marketing tool you use complements the rest. It’s called integrated marketing. A nonprofit website is a crucial component of a marketing plan, and needs to be built and designed in such a way that it syncs with everything else in your marketing arsenal.

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Jay Wilkinson

November 8, 2014

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