Social Media at a Glance: October Edition

Social media has a constantly changing landscape and it can be hard to stay current with all of the rapid updates. That’s why Nonprofit Hub is rolling out a brand new monthly series where we’ll review the most important changes to the top social media platforms that occurred each month. Social Media at a Glance will publish each month so that readers can keep up on the constantly changing social trends from the previous month. So stay posted, and keep current.

There are always small tweaks and changes all around the social media sphere, so we’ll stick to highlighting the biggest and most important changes that could potentially benefit your NPO.


Instagram now supports horizontal and vertical photo formats, removing the restrictions of having to post a square photo, or inserting borders to post more than just square photos.

Instagram has also rolled out their new app called Boomerang, that creates “Boomerangs,” which are essentially 1 second stop motion-style .gifs that loop in forward and reverse motion over and over.


Twitter had a pretty big month in October. They rolled out their new Moments feature—which some are questioning whether or not it’s a feature that will stick around— to keep people current. Twitter is already used as one of the leading sources of current news, and Moments is Twitter’s attempt to make it even more predominant. It’s the perfect place to keep up to date on the World Series champions, presidential races and viral video happenings from around the web.

My favorite feature that Twitter has finally released to all of its users is the Twitter Polls. You can now ask your followers a question and give them two choices. The feature shows the results of how your followers are responding in real time.


Last week was #NationalCatDay and YouTube decided they wanted to make it easier for you to search all of your favorite cat videos by allowing Emojis in the search bar. Clever. Classic. Current.

Facebook has been chasing after YouTube in the last year or so on views and organic reach via video. Facebook recently changed the way you view video in the app, creating a completely separate related videos feed.

The new Facebook notifications tab is undergoing some changes, as well. Personalization is the name of the game. The revamped notifications tab will feature many different widgets and show more personalized content and news, current weather, trending haps on Facebook and more.

LinkedIn has finally completely overhauled their mobile app. The look and feel as well as some of the functionalities will mimic the Facebook app in a lot of ways. There is a new look to the news feed, easier personalization of your profile, a new direct messages tab and better tools for recruiters.

Did I leave something out? Do you have questions or something you would like to add? Shoot me a Tweet.

social media at a glance

Nick Small

With specialties in content strategy and creation, social media engagement and digital marketing optimization, Nick brings a depth of experience in nonprofit marketing. He’s also helped hundreds of nonprofits with their online presence to improve donor retention and attract new audiences, and he still has time for a good glass of whiskey, round of golf or new adventure.

November 2, 2015

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