Some things will never be able to stay the same. Seasons come and go. Birthdays happen. We’re constantly in motion.

And social media is always changing. But that’s no matter for you—the smart social media marketer. Because if you have an agile social media plan, you’ll be ready when the inevitable change happens.

According to our friends at Socialbrite, here are some steps to achieve that agile plan (with our own take on each point):

  1. Complete an Overall Assessment
    Socialbrite suggests a 360 degree assessment of your social media, and we agree. For an agile plan, you should be up to date on what’s working for different demographics. Don’t let it get outdated. Did you know that Instagram just passed Twitter in terms of active users? That’s the kind of stuff your organization should know. Go where your audience is and evaluate what has been working and what needs work.

  1. Set Your Goals
    What exactly are you trying to achieve with your social media presence? There should be an end goal for your efforts. Sure, it’s important no matter what to be active on social media. But it’s more than that. What do you hope social media can do for your organization? Maybe it’s to recruit new donors, spread your reach or keep in touch with your important donors online. Whatever your goal, establish it early.

  1. Love Thy Metrics
    Not many people love analyzing social media activity. Lucky for us, we can love thy metrics because most applications do them for us. If you’re using a social CRM tool, it probably has built in metrics. Or, you can keep track through certain channels. For example, both Facebook and Twitter have their own analytics.

  2. Assess the Community
    Who’s out there? Anyone? Bueller? Like we talked about in point number one, you’ll need to know demographics so you can reach out to the right people on the right platforms. It makes a difference when you’re structuring your content.

This is just the beginning for your agile social media plan. For the other three steps, check out the article via socialbrite linked below.

The 7 Elements of a Strategic Social Media Plan [Socialbrite]


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