Start A Nonprofit Class

Go from a great idea to a fully-functioning 501(c)(3).


Tune in from anywhere in the world to learn how to start a nonprofit in two live webinar classes.

It’s not easy to start a nonprofit, we get that. That’s why we started this live webinar series to get your feet off the ground. Join Randy Hawthorne, executive director and co-founder of Nonprofit Hub, as he guides you through the process of launching a nonprofit. He’s started four of his own, so, yeah, he knows what he’s doing.

For an hour each week, Randy will provide you with the information you need to create and maintain a successful nonprofit.

Here are a few things we’ll cover:

• Nonprofit market research

• Nonprofit vs. for-profit business models

• Articles of Incorporation

• Strategic planning

• Taxes and documentation

• Writing your business plan

What else is in it for you?

  • 2 hour-long interactive webinars including information on terminology, government/tax classifications, human resources and marketing.
  • 3 downloadable workbooks with exercises guiding you through each step.
  • 30 minutes of individualized in-person or virtual office hours with Randy for additional help for the discounted rate of $49.

Topic 1: “I have an idea…” Developing Your Nonprofit and its Fundamental Purpose 

Learn how to define a nonprofit and outline your brand and foundational values.

Topic 2: “A 5-0-what?” Understanding the Government As A Nonprofit

Learn how to navigate the government and tax environment and define your identity.

Topic 3: “Let’s get down to business!” Creating A Plan to Promote Your Nonprofit

Learn how to structure your staff and culture and create a business plan.

2019 Class Times:

Coming Soon!

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