[PODCAST] From Vision to Action: Transforming Nonprofits with Sustainable Social Impact Solutions

From Vision to Action: Transforming Nonprofits with Sustainable Social Impact Solutions

In this episode of Nonprofit Hub Radio, host Delaney Mullennix interviews Diz Petit, Founder and CEO of LiquiDonate, about her impressive track record of turning her vision into action. LiquiDonate combines Diz’s years of experience working with tech companies to implement social impact programs that leverage their existing business model and evolving technologies with her love for the work and people of nonprofits. With an ambitious mission, Diz set out to reduce landfill waste and enable circularity by connecting retailers’ excess, unsold, and returned inventory to nonprofits via seamless technology. This is one of countless new technologies that have sprung up for nonprofits to save time and raise more to do more

Diz shares a few stories about her favorite tattoos, although, they are all her favorite. Delaney and Diz talk about how Diz first get started in the sustainable social impact space, her first experiences in nonprofits, and how nonprofits can get started with LiquiDonate for free to start receiving donations today!

Prior to LiquiDonate, Diz founded Civic Labs, the social impact team at Postmates. Civic Labs’ mission was to positively impact our neighborhoods through community engagement and innovative technology solutions to combat complex, pervasive issues. Postmates was acquired by Uber Technologies.

Diz’s passion and action won her the Time Magazine Invention of the year award for the food security product, Bento, that allows hungry people without access to a smartphone obtain free food via SMS. She is a feminist, a member of the LGBTQ+ community, and an animal rights activist through the lens of environmental justice and human rights, and works to be a better practicing ally for marginalized communities.

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Delaney Mullennix, MPA

Delaney joined the Nonprofit Hub team in 2021, leading strategic partnerships, and now serves as the Executive Director. She helps to manage and sustain the organization's growing national presence, modern partnership profile, and highly trafficked educational media platform. Delaney plays a major role in curating and creating educational content with a network of innovative nonprofit service, product providers, and professionals that empower organizations to go from good to growth. Delaney got her master's degree in nonprofit management and administration from Grand Valley State University, where she served on the executive board of the Nonprofit Professionals Graduate Student Organization. She's an alumna of Michigan DECA and serves as a competitive event judge to help evaluate high school students' marketing and management skills. You can find her jet-setting to a new place in her free time, volunteering for a good cause, and exploring the great outdoors.

October 13, 2023

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