Consider this—7 out of every 10 donors only donate once. Not enough to shock you? Let’s add to the mix. 77 percent of donors leave due to a lack of communication.

Those are downright terrifying numbers. But there’s some reassuring news. Those are numbers that you have the power to change.

With the right donor management tool to fit your organization’s needs, you have a better shot at communicating in the right way and building better relationships, so donors don’t leave your nonprofit behind and instead stick around to continue donating and engaging with your organization.

We’ve already covered how to find the right online donation platform to boost your fundraising potential. Now, we’ll walk through our favorite donor management tools to help you find one that can organize and centralize all the donor data you’re collecting!

To make it easy for you to navigate this article, we’ve broken our discussion into three helpful sections:

  1. Donor Databases for Small Nonprofits
  2. Donor Databases for Medium-Sized Nonprofits
  3. Donor Databases for Large Nonprofits

Let’s get started shopping for the perfect database!

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1. Donor Databases for Small Nonprofits

As a small nonprofit, your budget doesn’t have much room to, well… budge.

But just because money might be tight doesn’t mean you should sacrifice comprehensive donor management tools! Like their larger counterparts, smaller nonprofits should use a donor database that allows them to gain insight into their constituents to design more strategic donor engagements.

These software options are well-suited for nonprofits who don’t need an extensive array of fundraising tools, but who still require the functionality of a database that an Excel spreadsheet can’t provide.

Fundly CRM

Fundly CRM’s donor management features can help nonprofits better engage their current supporters while looking toward the future to grow their database and expand their fundraising strategies.

Not only does Fundly CRM provide your nonprofit with a robust donor database, but this software will also give you access to useful fundraising and marketing tools, including membership management, unlimited email communications and event fundraising features.

Best of all, Fundly CRM can grow with your nonprofit, so you won’t have to restart your search for a new CRM anytime soon. All of their software packages come with unlimited user access, but you can easily size up as your contact list expands.

Fundly CRM’s pricing starts at a manageable $60 per month (or $600 annually). Check out their price levels on their website or contact Fundly to learn about discounted or customized pricing.

Bonus: Fundly is also famous for their wealth of fundraising resources available for free on their website. Check out their guide to nonprofit CRMs as just one example (and learn more about the importance of a solid donor database).


The self-proclaimed “best small business CRM,” Batchbook can help your nonprofit organize your contacts, build better relationships with your donors and collaborate with your team members.

Their interface is designed to be accessible and user-friendly for even the least tech-savvy organizations, so you’ll never have to worry about losing your way while navigating your donor database.

Plus, Batchbook enables you to store your contacts in the cloud, so you’ll have total database access no matter where you are.

To get started with Batchbook, take a test drive with their 30-day free trial. If you decide to purchase the software, BatchBook starts at $35 per month for an unlimited number of users.


In addition to their donor database, the multiple reporting tools offered by DonorSnap help make this donor management system unique.

From standard reporting to QuickBooks integration and more, up to five different reporting tools are offered.

You can also use DonorSnap to create custom goals based on metrics that matter to your nonprofit; then, track those goals within your database to see your progress in real time!

DonorSnap only costs $39 per month for up to a thousand contacts with a $200 one-time setup fee. And don’t forget: DonorSnap prides themselves on offering completely all-inclusive software packages, so even the smallest nonprofits can take advantage of all of their great features!

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2. Donor Databases for Medium-Sized Nonprofits

If your organization is smack dab in the middle, you’ve got a little bit of money to invest in donor management, and your number of constituents is growing.

Even if you’re quickly on the rise, your nonprofit probably doesn’t have the budget to spend an arm and a leg. You’ll need to find a donor database that can accommodate your ever-changing needs and afford you with the flexibility you need to grow your donor list.

These middle donor management systems are for you!


Salsa understands that in order to be successful, your nonprofit has to prioritize donor retention. That’s why their donor management tools are built to help growing nonprofits strategically engage constituents and develop long-term supporter relationships.

Salsa can centralize all the disconnected pieces of information you need to operate efficiently and engage donors effectively.

With Salsa’s simple reporting features, automated communications, and intuitive donor cultivation tools, your nonprofit can keep track of all donor data in a streamlined manner.

But if you already feel overwhelmed with the idea of having such comprehensive knowledge available in one place, don’t fret! Salsa’s easy-to-use interface doesn’t require in-depth IT knowledge, and what’s more, Salsa’s support team is readily available to walk you through any hiccups along the way.

Salsa CRM begins at $249 per month and gives you access to a full suite of donor management tools as well as Salsa’s online fundraising, advocacy and marketing solutions.


At Bloomerang, nonprofit success relies on donor engagement and satisfaction. With their database, your donor retention rates are up front and center on the dashboard so you know exactly how your organization is doing.

You’ll also get a view of each individual constituent’s giving history to track fundraising success on a macro or micro scale!

Bloomerang engagements are measured in “cold,” “warm,” “hot,” and “on fire!” Plus, you’ll get smart reports, a timeline of individual constituents, access to email distribution designed to increase retention and printed direct mail pieces.

The middle package offered by Bloomerang is for 5,001 to 15,000 records. Your organization will pay $299 per month for an unlimited number of users and free email and online support. Other packages start at $99 per month for up to 1,000 records or $499 per month for up to 40,000 records.


Blackbaud’s eTapestry donor management solution is fully cloud-based to give you the ability to access your unlimited contacts and unlimited users from anywhere. Within one database, your nonprofit will have access to all supporter relationships and their gifts, pledges and payments.

eTapestry’s multichannel fundraising tools are flexible enough to allow for a variety of fundraising campaigns, which you’ll be able to track and analyze using your database’s data enrichment tools.

The eTapestry middle package runs for $199 per month with up to 5,000 records.

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3. Donor Databases for Large Nonprofits

As a large nonprofit, you’ve got more constituents and a little bit more to spend. But, you’ll need a database that can accommodate a significant number of contacts and features without sacrificing usability.

If that sounds like the kind of database you’re in the market for, check out these donor management systems that were built to handle large amounts of donors.

Raiser’s Edge Fundraising Software

Raiser’s Edge, Blackbaud’s fundraising and relationship management solution, offers tons of different giving options all in one place—major giving, annual fund giving, planned giving and online giving.

Plus, you can build a 360-degree view of your supporters and host all of your management in the cloud. With such a strategic look at your constituents at your fingertips, you’ll have no problem retaining current donors and building upon your database through targeted marketing efforts.

And we love that there’s a mobile app so you can take Raiser’s Edge on the go.

Pricing for Raiser’s Edge is dependent upon your organization’s needs, so you’ll need to contact Blackbaud for a quote.


Well known in the for-profit space, Salesforce is also available for large nonprofits with complex fundraising and donor management needs.

Instead of sales, track donations and manage your donors like you would a sales contact. After all, nonprofits are in the business of sales.

Unique to the Salesforce system, you’ll have access to pre-integrated applications that can help you with events management, volunteer management, fundraising and more.

To learn more about their donor management solutions and request pricing information, contact Salesforce.

TrailBlazer Nonprofit Management

With TrailBlazer, you can track everything from finances to pledges, donor relationships, all donor touches and more.

Each nonprofit has a different set of needs and goals, so TrailBlazer adapts to work with your nonprofit in a customized way.

Their donor management tools can help you stay on top of virtually any type of data, including specialized tracking features for members, volunteers, donors, and event guests.

You’ll have access to free fundraising tools, cloud-based software and more.

Pricing for TrailBlazer is available upon request.

What has your experience been with these nonprofit donor management systems? What would you add to the list?

Originally posted 3.3.14 — Updated 7.12.17