Don’t Fear The Reaper: Planned Giving Isn’t A Death Conversation

Don’t Fear The Reaper: Planned Giving Isn’t A Death Conversation

with Tony Martignetti

Jan. 10 | 2:00 – 3:00 PM CT

Join Tony Martignetti, the Planned Giving evangelist, for a fast-paced webinar that will show you how to engage your donors in fruitful discussions about Planned Giving – while avoiding the dreaded “d-word.”

This webinar is designed for nonprofits that are at least 5 years old and have individual donors – but it’s also a great way for newer nonprofits to prepare for the future!

During this quick shot, 40-minute session, you’ll learn how to:
• discuss Planned Giving in terms that put your donors at ease
• identify your best prospects for planned gifts so you’re talking to the right folks 
• structure your Planned Giving program so your conversations are simple

We’ll also leave plenty of time to answer your questions.

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About the Presenter

Tony Martignetti is the evangelist for Planned Giving. He’s been starting and growing Planned Giving programs since 1997. A former attorney, he launched Planned Giving Accelerator, a membership community to create 1,000+ new Planned Giving programs in the U.S. It’s at

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