Finding Your Place In The Nonprofit Space

Nonprofit Career Paths: Finding Your Place In The Nonprofit Space

with Melissa Gruber

August 24 | 2:00-3:00 PM CT

Finding your career path can be daunting, especially in the nonprofit space. You can take so many different routes. You can decide to work in fundraising, marketing, outreach, and direct services. Or, maybe you are thinking the nonprofit sector isn’t for you. The options are endless. So, how do you decide which way to take your nonprofit career path?

In this webinar, Melissa Gruber of The Mission Continues (one of our own Cause Network members!) will share her career journey in the nonprofit and for-profit space. She will dive into how her passion for service has led her to her dream career working for a veterans organization with a powerful mission.

Nonprofit Career Path Elements We’ll Cover:
  • Why do we choose to work for a nonprofit?
  • Discover your “why” and what drives you
  • How passion can be channeled into fundraising
  • Translating hard and soft skills into nonprofit work
Chris Barlow - Corporate Partner Webinar
Chris Barlow - Corporate Partner Webinar

About the Presenter

Melissa Gruber brings 10 years of nonprofit and corporate experience to The Mission Continues as Corporate and Foundation Partnerships Manager. Upon graduation from University of Colorado at Colorado Springs in 2009, Melissa began a career focused on service to others. Within the nonprofit sector, Melissa has 6 years of experience working on fundraising for organizations focused on veterans, education, and healthcare. Given Melissa‘s experiences, she brings a unique perspective to her role as Corporate and Foundation Partnerships Manager, where she manages a diverse portfolio of institutional partners dedicated to connecting veterans with under-resourced communities.

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