Relationship-Driven Fundraising

Relationship-Driven Fundraising: Building Donor Trust

with Tim Hogan

Causes don’t sell themselves, no matter how worthy. Without the work of fundraisers, it would be impossible for organizations to continue their work. Fundraisers are the conduits that enable donors to decide where their money goes, how much to give, and when to give.

Successful fundraising is centered on lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with like-minded donors. Your relationship with each donor is the competitive advantage that enables you as a fundraiser to succeed in the competitive nonprofit sector.

But how do you build and sustain authentic relationships with donors? How do you get to the heart of what drives them to give? Where do you start?

Presented by Tim Hogan, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships for Roadtrip Nation, in partnership with Fundraising Academy | Cause Selling Education, this webinar introduces the eight steps of Cause Selling, the relationship-driven fundraising cycle that guides fundraisers through every interaction with donors from prospecting to stewardship. We dive into the art of asking questions and listening effectively to learn the needs of your donors and develop trust.

In this webinar, we:

  • Explore the Fundamental Truths of Selling.
  • Discover the eight steps of the Cause Selling cycle, such as Prospecting; Handling Objections; Making the Ask.
  • Strengthen your fundamental questioning & listening skills, which are the heart of relationship-driven fundraising.
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