Tell Your Story Using Form 990 to Increase Funding

Tell Your Story Using Form 990 to Increase Funding

with Rolanda S McDuffie CPA

July 5 | 3:00-4:00 PM CT

Fundraising is an important part of any nonprofit organization’s lifeblood, yet the competition for donor attention and dollars is often fierce. In this context, nonprofits must leverage every tool at their disposal to stand out. One tool that is often underutilized is the Form 990.

This presentation explores how nonprofits can utilize their Form 990 more effectively to tell their story, demonstrate their impact, and ultimately increase funding. By walking you through the sections of Form 990 that donors often review, we will highlight opportunities for you to showcase your organization’s efficiency, effectiveness, and commitment to its mission.

This presentation is a treasure trove of insights for executives, fundraisers, and communication professionals alike. It will demystify Form 990 and transform it from a burdensome filing requirement into a powerful communication tool.

Key topics will include:

  • Understanding Form 990: Shedding light on what it is and why it matters.
  • The Donor’s Perspective: Unveiling what potential donors look for in your Form 990.
  • Telling Your Story: Crafting a compelling narrative using data from your Form 990.
  • Impact Reporting: Showcasing the impact and outcomes of your work through Form 990.
  • Transparency and Trust: Using Form 990 to demonstrate accountability and build donor trust.

By the end of this presentation, you will understand how to leverage the storytelling potential of Form 990, making it not just a tax form, but a strategic asset for your fundraising efforts. You will have a clear road map to transform your Form 990 into an engaging document that speaks volumes about your nonprofit’s mission, impact, and integrity.

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About the Presenter

Rolanda S. McDuffie, CPA is a native of Tampa, FL. where she was first introduced to the field of accounting in high school. She went on to attend North Carolina Agricultural & Technical University. At NC A&T she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. Ms. McDuffie continued her education by obtaining an MBA and Master’s in Accounting & Finance as well.

Ms. McDuffie manages a successful CPA firm, McDuffie & Associates CPA, which she started over eleven years ago. Her professional passion is to assist in getting nonprofit organizations and for-profit businesses, get financially fit through the areas of accounting, taxes, advisory services and board training. We love helping nonprofit organizations grow and sustain themselves so that they have the ability and resources needed to make a greater impact on the communities that they serve. We love to focus on the numbers so that nonprofits can spend more time focusing on their mission. We love Nonprofits and Numbers ????

That same passion is what drives her to serve the community in various, related capacities. Her work with nonprofit organizations varies in different roles ranging from an outsourced CFO to sitting on several boards. Ms. McDuffie is frequently called upon to provide her expertise at workshops, seminars, and conferences.

She is also a published author of the book ‘Creating a Successful Nonprofit by Knowing Your Numbers’

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