The Forgotten Job of Nonprofits & Boards: Creating A Board Development & Recruitment Program

The Forgotten Job of Nonprofits & Boards: Creating A Board Development & Recruitment Program

with Eddrick Martin

June 7 | 11:00-12:00 PM CT

This workshop will address the problem of having a non-existent, ambiguous, or unofficial board development & recruitment plan. Many organizational leaders, both staff and volunteer, struggle with board development and recruitment. Often the struggle is with getting the board to not only take ownership of an intentional board development and recruitment process, but it is also getting the board to have clarity in the role that true board development plays in ensuring the success of the organization. Understanding what a truly intentional board development & recruitment program is and looks like is key in ensuring greater success for nonprofits. Whether it’s the first-time executive director, a seasoned CEO, a new or veteran board volunteer, this session is designed with all of these roles and positions in mind.

The audience for this session is both staff leadership and board members as the content outlines an approach that is relevant and applicable for both roles. This will help to provide a tangible framework that can be implemented with the appropriate levels of intentionality by organizations and their leaders, both staff and board alike.

This webinar will help to provide a tangible framework that can be implemented by organizations with them giving the appropriate levels and methods of intentionality by organizations and their leaders. We will outline TEN steps and tactics to implementing an intentional and consistent board development and recruitment program. In addition, based on a rubric, participants will also be able to identify and learn how to rate their organization and score/grade their level of board development effectiveness. In addition to participants learning the Ten Steps and the organizational evaluation process for board development programming, we will also cover some of the very important subcomponents of these things. It is not enough to know the 10 Steps of board development, but we must also put attention to the foundational actions that make them whole so that organizations can execute and facilitate the process of creating, improving, or perfecting a solid board development & recruitment program.

Some of the subcomponents that will also be given some brief attention during the session are:

  • Utilization of technology & social media in recruitment
  • Alignment of organizational mission and strategic plan versus the constructed make-up of the board
  • Defining, implementing, and addressing DEI as it relates to board development programming
  • Defining the approval processes
  • Defining & perfecting the “Ask Of The Call to Service”
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About the Presenter

Eddrick Martin is the Managing Partner and Lead Consultant for Elevated Momentum LLC. Elevated Momentum supports people focused companies and nonprofit organizations by aligning their teams, programs, and boards with strategy. He has vast experience working with nonprofit organizations in which he has provided leadership in various capacities. He is a twenty-plus year veteran of working and collaborating with nonprofits. He has led, developed, and implemented trainings ranging from leadership skills, organizational effectiveness, volunteer and stakeholder development, and more. Eddrick holds a Master’s Degree in Nonprofit Administration. He has consistently demonstrated success in improving systems across multiple organizations as a leader. He has held multiple leadership roles in organizations as Executive Director, District Executive Director, and Chief Operating Officer/Senior Vice President to name a few. He has led and served on several boards in which he has helped to develop and improve them. He currently serves as the Board President of a charter school. His vast experience and success in board development, program and organizational leadership, outcomes, and practices has helped grow, develop, and improve multiple organizations.

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