The Secret Content Playbook for Nonprofits

The Secret Content Playbook for Nonprofits

with Tony Fraga & Maddy Ledon

June 21 | 12:00-1:00 PM CT

The Secret Content Playbook for Nonprofits is a crash course in content marketing, following the inbound methodology which focuses on attracting the right audience to your organization. This webinar will uncover the top-performing content plays and is designed to teach nonprofit professionals how to identify and leverage stories within their organization, to attract, engage, and convert supporters. Nonprofits often operate with limited time and budgets to make marketing (or finding new prospects and supporters) happen, and are limited to outdated list-building tactics that are inefficient and not cost-effective. Content marketing, specifically the inbound marketing methodology, provides a more sustainable source of recurring follower generation that develops a new pool of interested prospects that can be nurtured to become your next donor, advocate, or volunteer.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn how to share your organization’s stories in a way that attracts the right audience
  2. Understand inbound marketing methodology and how to use the flywheel to generate highly engaged prospects, leads, and supporters
  3. Know where and how to update existing content rather than create new content from scratch
  4. Understand what content plays are making the greatest impact for nonprofits today
  5. Learn where to focus limited resources to make the biggest impact
image of speaker
image of speaker

About the Presenter

Tony Fraga is the CEO at Novus where he helps nonprofit organizations make the transition from traditional communications to innovative digital marketing strategies using the inbound methodology. He has spent the last 17 years partnering with mission-centered nonprofits to create comprehensive marketing and communications strategies that attract more followers and develop more donors.

About the Presenter

Maddy Ledon is the Director of Nonprofit Strategy at Novus where she leverages her creative and process-oriented mind to develop custom, content-forward digital marketing plans for nonprofit organizations. Maddy got her professional start working for a faith-based nonprofit, and pulls from 8 years of experience working in and with nonprofit organizations. She oversees the team at Novus, coordinating between content creators, SEO experts, & design wizards.

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