5 Things Donors Really Want from Your Nonprofit Website [VIDEO]

What do the people visiting your nonprofit’s website want to find there? Do your constituents want a flashy website that dazzles and delights? Maybe they want to know what each individual and each department of your nonprofit does on a daily basis? Usually, the answer is simpler than we think.

The biggest purpose of a nonprofit website is connecting your constituents with the things they really value. And those things are usually different from what the organization itself values. Get in the minds of your constituents and figure out what donors want from nonprofit websites, instead of guessing:

What Donors Want from Nonprofit Websites:

If you want more information on what your constituents want in your website. Click the link at the bottom and sign up for the free report:


Having a website that your constituents like is critical to your nonprofit. Luckily, we know what your constituents want from your website.

Surprisingly, a good nonprofit web design isn’t at the top of the list. Actually, it’s having good content. And by that we mean services that you provide, goals that your nonprofit has, and stories of how you’ve affected people’s lives.

Next comes the quality nonprofit web design. But don’t overthink it. Pictures that are attention grabbing and that can tell a story are a great way to minimize the amount of design work you have to do, while still creating a visual impact on the viewer.

Now that your website has a great design and is full of great content, you need to make sure people know how to get around. Using drop down navigation is a great way let constituents pick a page and then see what categories fall under that page.

What else could you add to your website that really puts it over the edge? An interactive aspect. If you hold any type of events, have a way for people to be able to register as an attendee or a volunteer.

And the final step is actually a lot of steps. You have to keep your website up to date. This makes you more credible to anybody who visits your website, and as an added plus, it increases your search engine visibility.

If you want more information on what your constituents want in your website. Click the link below and sign up for the free report:

Get the Free Report! 5 Things Constituents Want from Your Nonprofit Website

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Cole Jensen

March 11, 2013

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