Why You Need Video in Your Nonprofit Marketing Plan [VIDEO]

Has adding video to your nonprofit marketing plan seemed daunting? Well you may be worrying a bit too much.

Creating video for your nonprofit has become easier than ever. Forget about the big budget for fancy equipment and software—and start thinking about better SEO results and a higher viewership.

Watch our short In Kind video below as our Video Producer, Cole Jensen, explains more in depth why you need video in your nonprofit marketing plan – and how you can get started.

Adding Video to Your Nonprofit Communications Mix



Video is one of the most powerful tools that a nonprofit can utilize. But video is usually the last thing a nonprofit thinks they can handle. With updating their website, staying relevant on social media, and keeping with the day to day of the nonprofit; jumping into video can seem daunting. 

That’s why I’m here. I’m going to walk you and your nonprofit through everything that you’re going to need to begin using video. Cameras, audio, editing, software, hosting, utilizing video, shooting a video. In short 1 minute videos, we’re going to cover it all, and make it extremely understandable.

And we’ll start with why you need to start utilizing video.

The fact is, technology has now reached an intersection. Internet speeds now are fast enough to support good quality video without needing long buffering times. While the technology to shoot and edit high quality video has become affordable and uncomplicated.

So now, even nonprofits with the smallest budgets can make a video, and people can watch it without having to wait. Which is extremely important because you have 10 to 15 seconds to capture a viewer’s attention.

And now lets throw some numbers at ya. 

According to internet giant Alexa, Youtube is the third most visited website in the world, behind Google and Facebook

Comscore says 85% of internet viewers will watch online videos. 

According to a study by Forrester Research, it is 50 times easier to get a video to rank on the first page of Google than it is to get a standard web page to rank on page one

If after listening to all that, you STILL think your nonprofit can’t put out good video and that you shouldn’t listen to me because I’m better equipped then you are… 

Well, I shot this on my phone. 

So I hope you now get that adding video to your communication mix isn’t out of your reach and is something that will help take your nonprofit to that next level.

Why You Need Video in Your Nonprofit Marketing Plan

Matt Spitsen

Matt Spitsen is the Senior Editor of Nonprofit Hub. As a millennial, Matt provides direct insight on how nonprofits must evolve to be relevant to his generation. Through his experience in leading nonprofit organizations, he understands the challenges many nonprofits face in evolving their organizations and embracing marketing and fundraising trends. Connect with Matt on Twitter at @mattforgood.

April 1, 2013

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