The Year-End Fundraising Email Timeline

The Year-End Fundraising Email Timeline

This email timeline is based on real strategies that we implement with nonprofits to help grow their year-end fundraising year after year. Use this as a guide to craft your own email fundraising campaign this year-end season to cultivate donors, prime them for a donation ask, and increase your year-end revenue.

This guide from NextAfter is equipped with tools for fundraisers varying from beginners to more advanced. The guide discusses insights and support for email campaigns.
Creating the perfect email campaign can be a process of trial and error for many. NextAfter’s guide offers 9 experiments for your end-of-year email campaigns such as:

  • Sending your year-end fundraising email from a believable human.
  • Saying hello and calling your donor by name
  • Directly explaining the problem at hand





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