Example of a Thank-You Letter That Inspires Future Donations

Ever cringe when you run into a friend who sent you a really thoughtful gift, and you suddenly remember that their (unwritten) thank-you note is sitting on your kitchen counter? How awful. Of you, we mean.

Nonprofits that don’t properly thank their donors for fundraising contributions should collectively experience the same sinking feeling when going over fundraising returns. How well does your organization express appreciation? Find a way to say what you need to your fundraising’s generous respondents so that your nonprofit receives more donations in the future.

For the four elements to a successful nonprofit thank you letter, check out the article linked below.

Anatomy of a Successful Thank You Letter [Pamela Grow]

  • Paulette Ingram

    I am starting a not for profit outreach center, I am asking for advise how to write the best sponsership letter, Thanks!