How to Deal When Your Nonprofit Board Makes Fundraising Excuses

In order to keep your nonprofit afloat, there needs to be a constant flow of donations coming in. But the problem is figuring out who’s in charge of keeping that flow going. The board of a nonprofit is given the task of dealing with the major decisions regarding a nonprofit and the major tasks that keep it going, so should the board also be responsible for some of the fundraising?

This should be the case, but when that discussion is started, the excuses start to fly. “We can’t do this”, “we should only be responsible for this” are excuses that just don’t cut it. If your board doesn’t know how to fundraise, then they need to learn. Don’t take an excuse as the final answer.

Learn more about how to overcome board excuses on fundraising by following the link below.

Overcoming Board Fundraising Excuses [Edgington/Social Velocity]